Reach More Customers Through The Google Display Network

When it comes to the reach an advertising network can provide, nothing matches the Google Display Network. Formerly referred to as the  Google Content Network, the display network runs ads on a variety of content platforms to enable businesses to expand their internet reach to more new customers by running their ads in relevant situations. Although the network is the best in the industry, there are still some points that must be addressed before any campaign is launched.

What Is The Display Network

The Google Display Network, as noted above, is a network of sites and platforms that allows businesses to have their ads show up on sites with relevant content. These Google ads may show up on YouTube, Blogger sites and individually owned websites.

How Big Is It?

The network has over two million individually owned websites running Google ads, in addition to the previously mentioned Google properties. The total number of pages views that the network can offer comes to approximately 180 billion every month. Some markets will have a greater reach than others, but the advertisements are well targeted and result in a higher return on investment than other ad networks that may offer more total page views.

What Kind Of Ads Can You Run?

Advertisements can be run as text ads, banner or image ads, as well as video advertisements for sites like YouTube. Around the time the Google Content Network transitioned to the display network, the restrictions on who could advertise became more severe.

In general, family save advertisements that are for a real business, but not an affiliate link, are safe. More information on acceptable ads can be found in the Google Adwords campaign management area.

What Is The Cost Structure?

Google ads are bought through a bidding process where the cost of an ad is based on the cost per click. This is taken care of in the campaign management section of the Google AdWords before an ad goes live.

Advertisers can set up the maximum cost per click they are willing to pay, as well as the maximum amount of money they are willing to spend on a day to day basis.

How Does This Help Your Business?

Put simply, the Google Display Network provides a greater internet reach than any other traffic generation strategy. The different targeting options allow businesses to narrow their advertisements based on demographic and geographic information. This sort of targeted approach can ensure that ads are only shown to people most likely to be converted into new customers.

Finally, businesses can use a strategy that is not talked bout much. The remarketing tool allows businesses to only show their ads to visitors that have already visited their site. This advanced ad targeting strategy ensures that a business’ ads appear to follow a user around the web. This increases brand exposure in a targeted way, while giving the impression that a business is bigger than it really is.

Any marketing activity that has a positive return on investment should be part of the long term traffic and conversion strategy. With the proper focus and planning, the Display Network is an important addition to any online business plan.