Keyword Research For Pay Per Click Advertising

One very important aspect of a great SEO strategy is researching the keywords for the Pay Per Click campaign. However, most business owners select only the broad keywords that directly relate to their company, making the campaign very expensive. Moreover, those same broad keywords typically have exponential competition, making it almost impossible to attract quality visitors.

If you want to use Pay Per Click in your marketing strategy, consider utilizing these tips to help you make your strategy effective and efficient.

Use the Google Keyword Tool

Google offers a free tool to help business owners decide on their choice in keywords. While there are other keyword tools that are effective, they often cost money. The Google tool is free and as in-depth as most paid for keyword research tools.

With that being said, most small business owners do not know what to look for while using these certain tools. There are a couple of ways to use the tool, but the most effective use is entering keywords into the system to see how popular they are and how many other business and site owners are using the keywords in their own site.

How you can use this to your advantage

The most popular keywords are going to cost you the most money per click in your campaign. Yes, you may receive a lot of traffic from popular keywords, but be aware that thousands of other site owners are attracting the same kind of traffic. If they offer a better product, or if their site is more user-friendly than yours, you may lose valuable business, forcing you to lose money from the campaign.

Alternatively, you may use less popular keywords that won’t cost you more than a couple of cents per click. However, these keywords may not bring in much traffic.

The secret

Unless you are a wealthy business owner who is willing to spend a lot of money on popular keywords in exchange for heavy traffic, you may want to invest in unpopular keywords. However, if you operate a specific niche site, your investment may turn into something very profitable.

By operating a niche site, you become an authority for that particular product or service, and people will feel obligated to buy from your site. They keywords you use in your campaign may be unpopular, but you don’t have a lot of competition to worry about.

Remember, niche sites are not as popular as generic sites. Therefore, a site about cosmetic products will cost you more money in Pay Per Click advertising than a site about a specific brand of eye shadow.

Consider these tips when planning your Pay Per Click advertising with Google’s Keyword Tool.