Questions about pay per click advertising?

Houston Pay Per Click uses proven techniques to manage your pay per click campaigns to get you the business leads you need run your business.  It's no longer an easy road to get quality leads, it's a must to have professionals managing your pay per click advertising. What to expect when using pay per click to advertise.

  1. Google and other PPC engines charges you when someone and only when they click.
  2. Your ads will deliver the searcher to any page on your website.
  3. You don't have to have your own website, Google can provide you with one at Google Pages.
  4. You can set a daily budget to maintain a monthly target.
  5. You can target any market, any time (day parting), any keyword related to your business.
  6. You can start as small or as big of a budget as you want.
  7. You can track your searcher, and what they do on your site.
  8. You can advertise on the participating networks of publisher sites showing your ads, which there are millions of such sites.
  9. You can use your phone number as a call to action, to have someone call your business.
  10. You can advertise your prices.

What if you want to stop and start?

You can set multiple campaigns to run for a few weeks then end, and have another campaign start at another time.

How will Google charge you?

You can have a credit card on file, or you can get invoiced by a PPC agency.

Are Google fees and agency different?

Yes. Google will charge for the cost per click, while your agency will charge a separate fee for the management.

Can you see what words people are searching for when they click your ads?

Yes. The batch of keywords you choose in your campaign are the keywords Google uses to determine a match for the search query. For an example, if you use "shoes" as a keyword, someone searching for basketball shoes will be served your ads.

Can you choose which position your ads is shown?

Yes. Based on market prices, you can choose which ever position you like as long as you pay for whatever the market is bidding for those positions.

Can you define what information the searcher give you in order for you to win them as customers?

Yes. You lead the searcher to the page on your website with the defined form and if they fill out all requirements then you have a good chance to convert them into customers.

Will it work for your business?

Yes. There are many types of businesses on the internet using pay per click, mainly product based and service based, these 2 types are closest to the buying mode. A searcher is either looking for a product to buy at this point or a company to provide the services they need. If you fall into these types then you should consider using pay per click to gain additional leads.

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