Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Houston Pay Per Click uses proven techniques to manage your pay per click campaigns to get you the business leads you need run your business.  It's no longer an easy road to get quality leads, it's a must to have professionals managing your pay per click advertising.

Google Adwords Program

The Google Adwords program is the most popular among the many search engines and pay per click sources.  Because the searcher starts their search with Google the search engine, this is where you want to be advertising.

MSN AdCenter

Microsoft has been part of the internet for ages, but they are starting to get into the paid search business and they have an effective pay per click service as well with their new service called Bing.

Yahoo Advertising

Although Yahoo became a household name in the early days of the internet, they are the second largest pay per click advertising program available to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Bid Management

Pay Per Click Management boils down to effective bid management.  Bid management is the process of managing how much a keyword should cost per click in order to effectively generate a qualified clickthrough.  There are many ways to do this but the most effective is monitoring your keywords, click rate and conversions with the help of a qualified pay per click expert.

Targeted Traffic

Once your pay per click campaigns are in order, we continue to monitor and test ad copies to gather intelligence and drive that targeted traffic to the proper landing page.  Whether we have to design one for you or you have one already, the best practise is to match the traffic with the proper landing page.

Landing Page

We use seo techniques to form or remake your landing page to get the best possible position to convert a searcher or shopper into a buyer.  We make sure your landing page speaks to your customer the right way.

Pay Per Click Leads

Once we've properly setup your campaign, manage it, monitor your costs and tweak your landing page, your pay per click campaign will have a great chance of generating leads to sustain your business or establish a relationship with new prospects and sell to them.

So why should you use pay per click?